Possible WUSTL University Code Violations by Congress of the South 40 with Macklemore Event

By Philip I. Thomas. 22 March 2013. 417 words.

In response to the Congress of the South 40's botched handling of the Macklemore concert being hosted a the Pageant this Sunday, I just filed the below complaint with the university.

Dear Tamara King,

I am writing to file a complaint under University Code V.A.2 against the Congress of the South 40 (CS40) for what I believe to be a violation of university code and employee practices, and possible violation of federal privacy and facility access laws.

While handing out tickets for the WUStock concert this Sunday, CS40 encouraged students to loan their university identification cards to other students in order to obtain additional tickets by proxy. This practice was documented in an email sent by CS40 to all students. I was refused a second ticket because I did not have the original ID of a friend, and instead presented a scan.

It is my interpretation of the University's judicial code, facilities access, and WUSTL employment policy that encouraging somebody else to possess or use one's university identification card could violate university policy and even could violate federal privacy and access laws. By University Code IIV.B, encouraging students to violate any section of university code or the law constitutes a violation of university code.

Judicial Code - Judicial Code provisions on being able to show university ID while on campus may be violated by not being in physical possession of the identification. In addition, the back of the Student ID clearly states that "Lending is Strictly Prohibited."

Facility Access - Students possessing other's IDs may have had access to secure areas of campus, including research labs, housing areas, and animal testing facilities. This may violate facility access policy.

WUSTL Employment Policy - Many students are employed by WUSTL, and WUSTL employee handbook clearly states that, "the identification card should not be shared among employees."

Possible Federal Law violations - Compelling students to give others their ID card could could constitute facility access violations of OSHA and USDA Animal Welfare Act. Information contained on the Student ID card, including photo, graduation year, and ID number, are covered by the University's FERPA compliance policy, and compelling students to disclose that information to others by relegating possession of the student ID could constitute a violation of FERPA.

Based on my experience where CS40 specifically stated that students must possess the physical identification card of another student, I request that possible university code and legal violations be investigated by your office.

Thank you,

Philip I. Thomas

WUSTL Class of 2013