Ending Food Trucks Near Me

Philip I. Thomas

Food Trucks Near Me

Last summer, I envisioned a portal for finding and tracking local food trucks. I built Food Trucks Near Me and launched in St. Louis. Foodies loved the site, and I expanded to 5 total cities. Traffic remained strong in the following year, even with minimal maintenance from me.

The site, at its core, relied on the Twitter API to display updates from food trucks. On June 11, Twitter deprecated its API version 1.0, on which Food Trucks Near Me relied for unauthenticated clientside queries. Hence, functionality for the site completely ended. Adapting to this change requires completely re-architecting the site, which I lack the time to complete.

Hence, effective immediately, the Food Trucks Near Me project has ended.

I have open-sourced the code and data, should anyone with to continue the tracker. Fork Food Trucks Near Me on Github.