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Philip I. Thomas

I own Contraption Company, a software company making tools for online work. There, I build Booklet - modern email group software, and Postcard - easy personal websites.

I founded Moonlight, a remote work-focused developer marketplace I sold in 2020. Prior to that, I founded Staffjoy, which is now a popular open-source project.

Based in NYC, I enjoy visiting new cafes and restaurants. After two years as a digital nomad, I still travel a lot - with a focus on cities and learning about urban design. You can see where I'll be on Nomadlist.

Instead of social media, I share my updates here through a monthly newsletter.

You can contact me at, and find me on LinkedIn.

What I'm up to - December 2023

This is my monthly newsletter about what I'm up to, which I send in place of social media. What I did in November• Started writing some essays about online work, dependability, tools, and craft on the Contraption Company site. Subscribe there if you want to follow them. First essays: Booklet's Architecture, One Year of Dependable Software, and The Transition from Indiehacking to Micro Companies. • Had a great food-focused trip through Europe with a friend. I started up north in Oslo, and ended south in Barcelona. I went to some old favorites such as Noma, April, Popl, and Dishoom, and found some new favorites such as Disfrutar and Silo (whose book I read in April). Highlights included jumping in the Oslofjord from a floating sauna, eating a food that's legal in only three countries, walking an F1 track, and seeing the Pope's old residence. I also got to meet customers of Contraption Company products along the way. • Started a Postcard for some photography experiments - here's my favorite so far.  • Continuing to work hard on Booklet. A lot of new communities and members joined in November, and I'm working hard on some new features.  Things to share• Articles: Maybe don't drive into Manhattan. A Coder Considers the Waning Days of the Craft. SHARPE is FAANG for defense. Anti-tank Vespa. The Indie Era of Startups. • Podcasts: Tim Cook on Dua Lipa's podcast. Brian Chesky's new playbook. Craig Mod on Longform.  Lenny Rachitsky on How I Write. • Music: MØ • Apps: Ruter, the official transportation app for Oslo, is fantastic.  • Coffee I'm drinking: Los Pirineos Pacamara – Christmas Edition Plans for December• Rolling out some new Booklet features. • Working on more essays. • Thawing in California. Where I'll be • 22-23 Dec: Cleveland, OH • 23-27 Dec: Joshua Tree, CA • 27 Dec - 3 Jan: Los Angeles If you're reading this, let me know if we overlap!
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