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Philip I. Thomas

I'm making The Contraption Company, where I build tools like Postcard and Booklet. In the past, I made Moonlight and Staffjoy. I’m fascinated by society’s transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age.
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What I'm up to - December 2022

✨ Highlights of last month • Launched Postcard. Had >15k visitors on the first day and hundreds of signups, which was more than I expected. Overall, a great start! • Did a smaller launch for The Contraption Company, the product studio I started where I'm building tools like Postcard. • Spent a week in London and took a spontaneous side trip to Copenhagen. I enjoyed lots of fantastic coffee - highlights included Prolog, April, Prufrock, Origin, and Omotesando.  And, the new King waved at (or toward) me 👋 • I joined as a guest caller on one of my favorite podcasts, Cal Newport's Deep Questions. • Moonlight, the company I co-founded in 2017 and sold in 2020, was just purchased by its top customer. I'm happy to see it continue to exist, and I've been helping the new team.   🤔 Things to share • Appreciated City of Gold, a documentary about the late food critic Johnathan Gold  • This post by Fred Wilson about Paris resonated with how I feel about London.  • It's fun to see so many new tools leveraging AI, such as Lex and InteriorAI. The maturation of AI technologies has changed the "adjacent possible," resulting in an explosion of applications of these technologies. • I've been reading many books about Nordic societies, which have impressed me as being well-positioned to succeed in technology-based economies.   • The Physics of Filter Coffee has been a fun read. It's by an astrophysicist who explores the science of coffee brewing. Since reading the book, I've started making my water for coffee.   • "In My Newsletter I Trust", "The Age of Social Media Is Ending" 📫 What I'm up to this month • Continuing to iterate on Postcard in response to user feedback and building some quirky experiments.  📍 Where I'll be (Let me know if we overlap!) • Dec 15-20: 🏝 Hilton Head • Dec 20-26:  🏔 Denver
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