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What I'm up to - April 2023

Philip I. Thomas

✨ What I've been up to

Wow, it's Q2 already!

I spent a couple of weeks in Paris last month, where I worked remotely and found some amazing coffee.

For Postcard - I rebuilt the post-writing flow, which makes the entire product feel much more polished. I also hired a product marketing intern to help with some growth initiatives. I wrote about improving my motivation in "Hacking Dopamine for Entrepreneurial Success."

I also enjoyed a more spontaneous trip to Atlanta for work, where Valor Coffee was a highlight. 

🤔 Things to share

📫 What I'm up to this month

I'm working on an update to the Contraption Co. website, which I will publish soon. I also plan to launch a fun mini-project this month inspired by laptops in cafes. 

I have two major Postcard features coming out this month, and I plan to spend some time getting a new project going. 

Besides that, I have more travel planned. 

📍 Where I'll be 

(Let me know if we overlap!)
  • April 9-12: 🌉 Bay Area
  • April 23-30: Cleveland

Working remotely from Paris