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👋 What I'm up to - August 2022

Philip I. Thomas
This is a monthly email about what I'm up to!

Highlights of last month
  • Spent almost the entire month traveling. It was great to be back in LA and Denver for a bit.
  • For coffee on the road, I got some new gadgets: an Aeropress Go and an Aergrind grinder. They brewed fantastic coffee, and took up little room in my backpack. 
  • I'm continuing to build Postcard, a way to set up an easy homepage + blog + mailing list. Dozens of new sites were published last month, and Postcard made its first revenue 🎉

📫 What I'm up to this month
  • Passing through Mexico City and perhaps stopping by the ETH conference there
  • Working on some new projects - details coming soon!

📍 Where I'll be
(via Nomadlist)
  • Aug 14-20: 🇲🇽 Mexico City
(If we cross paths - let's meet up!)

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