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What I'm Up To - February 2024

Philip I. Thomas
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What I did in January

  • Hello from Tokyo! I'm here doing a creative residence at Almost Perfect. If you're in town, come join my presentation Rethinking Work Beyond the Factory Model tomorrow night. 
  • I published Digital Product Studios, an essay about product studios and a return to craft-focused knowledge work. It includes some photos of my trip to a watchmaking studio in Morioka.  
  • FRCTNL, the community for fractional tech workers I run, has steadily been growing. Come check it out if you're interested in part-time technology work. 
  • I've been hosting 6-person dinners for people in the tech industry in New York. If you're interested in joining a future one, let me know.
  • I've been building a lot of new things on Booklet: More design refreshes, a powerful search engine leveraging OpenAI, and image improvements - with more coming soon. It seems to be working - usage and revenue are steadily increasing. 

Things to share

Plans for February

  • Finally spending some time in NYC.
  • Continuing the momentum on Booklet's feature development.

Where I'll be 

  • Now - 6 Feb: Tokyo 🗼
If you're reading this, let me know if we overlap!