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What I'm up to - January 2024

Philip I. Thomas
Happy New Year! Here's my monthly newsletter about what I'm up to, which I send in place of social media.

What I did in December

Things to share

Plans for January

  • I'm headed to Tokyo for two weeks to do a creative residence at Almost Perfect, co-run by one of my favorite illustrators Luis Mendo. It will be my first time in Japan, and I'm looking forward to wandering, drinking coffee, and exploring the infrastructure.
  • Working on a lot of new features for Booklet, and preparing to make some education content around how venture capital funds have mde private networks for their portfolio company founders using Booklet.

Where I'll be 

  • Now - 4 Jan: Los Angeles
  • 4-8 Jan: Cleveland, OH
  • 22 Jan - 6 Feb: Tokyo 🗼
If you're reading this, let me know if we overlap!