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👋 What I'm up to - July 2022

Philip I. Thomas
This is a monthly email about what I'm up to!

Highlights of last month
  • Launched Made in Webflow, a project I've lead to redesign and rebuild a popular social site for Webflow creators
  • Seeing some cool Postcard sites published - such as and Continued to improve the project - including making posts easier to share. 
  • Been getting deeper into Web3. Bought my first NFT and set up Ledgers. The processes felt clunky, but I can see how smooth the experience could become with further refinement.
  • Took my first post-COVID trip outside of North America, which was fantastic. I had too much great food, coffee, and wine. Copenhagen impressed me as a city optimized for the Information Age.
  • Reactivated my twitter after two years of inactivity, and wrote some scripts to auto-delete old tweets and to auto-tweet my travel in real-time.
  • Favorite read from last month: What I Know About Running Coffee Shops, by an Irish barista and cafe owner who recounts his experience and lessons scaling a group of specialty cafes in Dublin.

📫 What I'm up to this month
  • Attending 3 weddings - will be traveling for almost the entire month! 
  • Adding some new features to Postcard.

📍 Where I'll be
(via Nomadlist)
  • July 2-4: 🌽 Marion, IN
  • July 8-15: 🏔 Denver
  • July 15-17: 🚡 Breckenridge
  • July 17-28: ☀️ Los Angeles
  • July 29-31: 🚣‍♂️ Duluth, MN
(If we cross paths - let's meet up!)