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What I'm up to - July 2023

Philip I. Thomas
✨ What I've been up to

We finished moving back to NYC last month. I made a quick stopover to Canada for Tailwind Connect, where I met some interesting people and  learned some new CSS techniques. I also visited Puerto Rico for a few days.

The book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community was a fantastic read. One thing I'm thinking about is telephones versus televisions - telephones are bidirectional while TVs are one-directional. As a society, I think we under-appreciate how shift from telephones to TVs has driven a move toward more parasocial relationships.  Social media followed this trend - it started more telephone-like, promoting social relationships, but moved over time became more TV-like (epitomized by Tiktok) where people consume rather than create.

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📫 What I'm up to this month

Booklet, a new Contraption Co. product, is welcoming its first users this month. Stay tuned for more details.
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  • July 10-14: San Juan, PR 🇵🇷
(Let me know if we overlap!)

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Last dinner in Chicago

Puerto Rico