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What I'm up to - March 2023

Philip I. Thomas
✨ What I've been up to

Part of my work at The Contraption Company includes helping startups develop new products. For the last six months, I've unintentionally been working almost exclusively with AI-focused startups, and I've seen the rise of OpenAI first-hand.

While the broader tech market shows signs of slowing, the hype in AI has been exploding. One Contraption Co. client went from an idea to >$7m in seed funding within five weeks. (They're still in stealth - but are hiring in engineering, growth, and design. Email me for an intro.)

I summarized my observations and predictions about this AI hype cycle in this post: OpenAI, the path for OpenAI-powered startups, and the AI hype cycle.

Finally, I've been contemplating this thought: Businesses like to buy from businesses, and people like to buy from people.

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📫 What I'm up to this month

I'm in the process of building 1,000 websites for people on Postcard. I'm also working on a post-writing experience I hope to launch soon.

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  • March 8-24: 🇫🇷 Paris
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