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What I'm up to - May 2023

Philip I. Thomas

✨ What I've been up to

April was a blur - I was in the Bay Area, NYC, and Cleveland. I'm looking forward to spending the next three weeks without travel.

I am currently immersed in the development of Booklet, a new product from Contraption Co. designed for online online communities. I started building Booklet to address the shortcomings of using real-time chat apps for communities. Booklet strives to be calmer - it combines a forum and member directory, and generates a customized email newsletter for the 99% of community members who consume content rather than create it. If you're intrigued and want early access, register at

🤔 Things to share

📫 What I'm up to this month

Working and relaxing, with a short trip to Colorado. I hope warm weather returns soon! 

📍 Where I'll be 

(Let me know if we overlap!)
  • May 24-28: 🏔️ Denver

Photo of the month: Baking canelés