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What I’m up to - May 2024

Philip I. Thomas
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What I did in April
  • Cat's out of the bag - the "Shenanigans" I referenced in March and April are revealed. I eloped and got married in a small village in Mexico about six weeks ago. Text or email me for photos and more details. 
  • Took some French lessons at the FIAF in NYC. It was a fun experiment, but I unfortunately don't think I have the time or headspace to continue them. Pronunciation was more subtle than I expected. 
  • I've been leaning into more intentionally analog habits, with single-purpose notebooks a at the core. Instead of doing most of my daily writing + notes in Day One or Obsidian, I'm mostly just carrying a stack of these Leuchtturm1927 notebooks.
  • Waited four hours to go to a Noma pop-up in NYC. I enjoyed chatting with their head of production about how they apply koji techniques to make vegan garums.
  • Rewrote Booklet's docs and overhauled its member management tools
  • Started a three-month experiment in eating a plant-based diet. It's been surprisingly easy and enjoyable. I've been eating a lot of Bottas-inspired porridge, Rancho Gordo beans, rices, lacto-fermented vegetables (I had made a lot of fermented daikon), and Noma's vegan xo sauce and other projects.
Things to share
Plans for May
  • I have a couple of podcasts coming out - get updated by subscribing at
  • Building out Booklet's API and adding more functionality there
Where I'll be 
  • NYC