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What I'm up to - October 2022

Philip I. Thomas
Highlights of last month
🤔 Things worth sharing
  • I started replacing work-related video calls with "walk and talk" phone calls. It's also been a fun way to talk to friends. If you want to chat, let's walk and talk
  • Books: Small Giants is a good reminder of small businesses' impacts on local communities. Status and Culture made me realize that many online communities function as scoreboards for niche status groups. For example, Strava measures how quickly bicyclists ride common routes, and Nomad List measures how many places travelers have visited. 
  • Startups: Nexus combines checking + investment accounts into a single, auto-managed tool that keeps cash consistently invested but instantly accessible. Kindred lets you swap homes - we've used it while traveling a few times already, and it's an almost-free alternative to Airbnb.
  • Gadgets: Adhesive pen loops are a helpful add-on for any notebook. 

📫 What I'm up to this month
  • Updating the onboarding for Postcard ahead of a broader launch
  • Spending a much-needed week in NYC

📍 Where I'll be
(via Nomadlist)
  • Now to Oct 8: NYC 🗽