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What I’m up to - October 2023

Philip I. Thomas
This is my monthly newsletter about what I'm up to, which I send in place of social media.

✨ What I was up to in September

I launched Booklet, a forum as an alternative to chat. It's my attempt to make communication more asynchronous for professional groups. Knowledge workers check chat every 6 minutes, fracturing their attention and preventing deep work. Booklet solves this by encouraging long-form, threaded discussions - and summarizing all activity into one single email per day.

I wrote about my motivation for Booklet on the Contraption Company site.

The actual launch of Booklet went better than expected - with thousands of visitors in the first day, and hundreds of communities created. I've been iterating rapidly based on user feedback, including rolling out a variety of OpenAI-powered tools to improve the email summary. 

Some of the early use case for Booklet have been:
  • Investors connecting their portfolio founders in a network
  • A marketplace building a community of workers to engage them between gigs
  • A Substack newsletter adding a subscriber community
  • Companies replacing Google Groups for internal announcements
If you know anybody looking for a solution like these, please send them to Booklet. And, you can try out Booklet by joining its customer community at

Besides that, I had a wonderful trip to Stockholm where the Vasa Museum fascinated me, I ate too many cardamom buns, and I stopped by the Nobel Prize Museum. I also attended the New York Coffee Festival, and briefly stopped by Chicago for a wedding.

🤔 Things to share

📫 What I'm up to in September

  • Working on Booklet, and enjoying a first month without travel in a long time.

📍 Where I'll be 

  • NYC all month 🗽
(Let me know if we overlap)

📸 Photo

Caradmom buns for fika in Stockholm
The Vasa - a ~500 year old ship that was salvaged and now is on display in an eponymous museum in Stockholm
Intricate carvings on the Vasa